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Sequence Builder

Create unique, customizable yoga sequence videos for every client. Our easy-to-use tool allows you to select an avatar, choose a series of yoga poses and pose variations, and export your session as a video or PDF file. Simply send your session via email or QR code. It’s professional, personal and easy-to-follow.

Open Sequence Builder


Search through our extensive pose library, choose your favorite avatar, and begin creating your custom sequence on desktop or tablet.


Preview your personalized yoga sequence and make any tweaks as you go. Add instructional text, swap out variations, adjust breath count, etc!


Share your finished session with your students, fellow teachers or other YTL members via email as a video, QR code or PDF file. Viewable on all devices.

What does a finished sequence look like?

Curious what your sequences will look like once you are done building them?

Click here to play one of our sequences in our video slideshow format. A pdf of the same sequence is shown in the image to the right.

The sun salutation flow used in this example is available in our public sequences (titled Sun Salutation A). Yoga Therapy Library members may play it, download the pdf, or add it to their own sequence collection at any time.

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