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Yoga Therapy Library

Yoga Therapy Library is a new type of sequence builder and online resource hub for yoga professionals, mental health professionals, and medical professionals that brings accessibility to the forefront.

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Sequence Builder

Create automated sequences to send to clients or to save for yourself. Our ever-expanding pose library and avatar choices offer thorough customization with a broad range of pose images, variations and therapeutic exercises to choose from.

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Stay up to date with our hand-picked library of articles, videos, and peer-reviewed teaching guides. We want many different voices for this resource hub and intend to build it consistently. Always looking for submissions for content.

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Pose Encyclopedia

Deepen your study of the asanas with our in-depth pose encyclopedia. Our pose info pages include medical considerations, historical or symbolic context, trauma-informed yoga therapy ratings and explanations, suggested affirmations and mudras.

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What do the sequences look like?

Curious what your sequences will look like once you are done building them?

Click here to play one of our sequences in our video slideshow format. A pdf of the same sequence is shown in the image to the right.

Meet our Avatars!

Click here to meet our avatars, current and upcoming, as well as learn a bit more about the illustration process!

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Yoga Class Sequencing Handbook: A New In-depth Guide from YTL

Yoga Therapy Library, in collaboration with Sundara Yoga Therapy, is now happy to offer our in depth 27 page guidebook on Yoga class sequencing for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees (or even yoga enthusiasts who are considering teaching!). The guidebook includes templates and examples to help highlight the key principle taught within. Available as a digital download we are offering the guidebook for only $7 for a limited time!

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