New avatars are coming soon!

Meet our current avatars, our coming soon avatars and learn more about the avatar creation process.

At Yoga Therapy Library we feel it is imperative for individuals to see reflections of themselves represented in the images and materials used in the yoga community. Though it will take time, we strive to build an avatar library large enough that every yogi will be able to find that reflection. The above image displays our first 7 characters. You can find these 7 characters in our sequence builder. The image below displays the next 4 avatars we will be releasing!

All of our avatars are based on real people we personally know and love! Our resident artist draws each pose image by hand. Every pose for every character takes quite lot of drawing and a lot of time, but we think it is important to put in that extra level of effort and detail, as well as a lot of love! To see more about the avatar creation process see our frequently asked questions page.

The characters above are in various stages of the design process and we can't wait to finalize their look and bring them to life! All together, between these three images, you will see about 22 avatar designs but it doesn't end there! We will continue to create characters of different body types, skin tones, age demographics, gender identities, mobility levels, etc until our entire user base feels they have an avatar, or a combination of avatars, that best represents them.

Is there an avatar design you would like us to prioritize? We would love to hear from you! Click the floating support button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and send us an email.

Again to learn more about the avatar creation process and some of the details surrounding their pose libraries, please see our frequently asked questions page.