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Become a Public Sequence Creator!

Do you love making yoga sequences and wish you could share them with other teachers to use? We have now added a feature where you can apply to be a YTL public sequence creator!

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Featured Article6 min

Neuroscience of Mindfulness - DMN and TPN - A YTL Research Highlight

How Mindfulness Transforms Brain Activity for Better Mental Health

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Medical Considerations
Neuroscience of Mindfulness - DMN and TPN - A YTL Research Highlight
6 min
Vidya (विद्या Vidyā): Healthcare Needs Yoga Therapy
2 minutes
You Can Now Request to Create Public Sequences
Yoga Therapy Sequencing with Abhyāsa and Vairāgya
5 min
Exploring Dualism and Non-Dualism: Insights from Indian Philosophy
7 minutes
Crafting a Sequence for Your Yoga Class: A Seamless Yoga Sequence Guide
3 min
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